Lerncoaching im Raum Karlsruhe/Learning support/Learning coaching in Karlsruhe Area

How can I learn better? How can I adjust my workplace to me and to my needs? How to plan my learning and in which subject? How to learn vocabulary? How to practice math?


...such and similar questions we can clarify, test and practice through the learning support or through learning coaching.


Herein we want those interested to learn about the effective learning and working strategies. Together we will have a look at the organization of work, and as well as at the learning behaviour.


Our objective is to make learning fun again and that it can be experienced as joyful and as profitable at the same time.


Thereby we have meetings on a regular basis during the learning coaching and we consider progress in view of the learning technique, organization of work and self-concept.


The following topics can, depending on individual situation, be part of the coaching:


·         Learn how to reflect on your own learning form (successfully of not)

·         Analysis of the learning environment, of workplace, of leisure-time activity, of success of performance and of learning type and learning style

·         Overcoming learning barriers and fears

·         Learning the basics for an effective organization of work

·         Individual adaptation of study habits to the learning needs

·         Work on enhancing the motivation, concentration and perseverance

·         Learning of subject-specific learning techniques (spelling, spatial and numerical reasoning, foreign languages, rules of learning, learning from texts ...)

·         Coping with stress and exam preparation adapted to the circumstances

·         Increase self-security when dealing with personal strengths and weaknesses


The length, frequency and characteristic of learning coaching is based on personal needs.



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